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We offer a wide range of video production, marketing & advertisement solutions.

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We have a team of an experienced team who help in pre & post-production of videos

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We optimize your YouTube videos to increase visibility on search engines. It will increase organic viewers. 

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We create quality graphics for your videos to make your content click-worthy. 

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Digital marketing is a comprehensive concept with several elements working in synchronization. Konvert Klicks offers an array of specialized and tailor-made services to meet all your digital marketing requirements for schools.

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How to Integrate Video Marketing into Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

With a little creativity and a well-defined plan, videos can help you improve your brand image, increase your target audience’s confidence, increase conversion rates, and achieve greater visibility and positioning.

But how can you integrate video marketing as an integral part of your strategy? 

Analyze Your Current Marketing Strategy

First of all, you should be clear regarding the objectives of your strategy (branding, web traffic, sales, lead capture, among others). According to these, you can create different types of videos and use the most appropriate channels for their dissemination. But yes, always thinking about your target audience! Start by reviewing the different channels in which you are present and the various options that you have in each of them:

1. On Your Website 

It doesn’t matter if you have a transportation website, a dental clinic, or an online store. Adding videos to your website can help you create a link with your potential clients. Browse through the different pages of your website and evaluate which ones could benefit from a short video. Here are some options:

Products pages –

It is a space that you can take advantage of to explain the characteristics and benefits of your products and show how they are used. For example, for industrial manufacturers, a video discussing the functionalities of a product can be of great value to their potential customers. An opportunity to give helpful information, persuade and, of course, sell!

Services page –

In the case of service providers, a video describing what they do and the problems they solve can be much more useful than just descriptive text.

“About Us” page –

You can use corporate videos to do branding, explaining how your company is made up, what its values ​​are, its philosophy, how are the workspaces and everything that differentiates you from the competition; which can help your company appear more human and build trust. The best youtube SEO services are there now.

Landing page –

For those landing pages where our goal is to achieve conversions such as leads or sales, it is an excellent option to include a short video explaining your products or services. Another option that you can also use is testimonial videos about the current customer experience with the product or service since they can convince potential customers by showing the benefits they have provided to other users.

Using videos on your website, in addition to increasing conversion rates and promoting engagement with your audience, can help you improve vseo positioning. Since it is proven that users tend to stay up to two minutes longer on pages that contain video, thus increasing the time spent on our website, one of the factors that Google values ​​when positioning us in search results. Our video SEO agency makes sure of that.

2. On Your Corporate / Business Blog 

Check your previous blog posts and current editorial calendar to find some articles that could be improved with the help of a video. Publications such as interviews and educational or explanatory articles are perfect to complement them with a video that helps you keep the user’s attention, facilitate the understanding of the content, and encourage its sharing.

3. Using Video Marketing for Social Media

Social networks have been dominated by content in video format, and more and more brands are using Social Video to highlight their publications with engaging audiovisual content. Social networks currently offer many options to create, edit, and upload videos from living, 360º, and looped videos to those that disappear after 24 hours.

YouTube video marketing for social media –

You can take advantage of the video to promote your physical or online store, products, services, conduct tutorials, webinars, interviews, capture the FAQ or even generate news of interest to your target audience. If you use YouTube, it is recommended that you make this dynamic and engaging. You have to produce videos frequently, not only because of the engagement but also because of the more visits they receive and the better positioning they will have in Google search results. You will obtain greater visibility of your brand.

You can also take advantage of social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to maximize the reach of your videos published directly on the blog or YouTube, sharing them with your audience to achieve greater visibility. For the video-sharing strategy to work better, you will need to integrate YouTube with other online channels that your company uses, such as social networks, blogs, Google Ads, etc. The youtube SEO expert offers the best option there.

Some recommendations for the use of videos on social networks:
  • Create useful and quality videos, encouraging interactions (likes, comments, clicks, times shared, viewing stories, etc.).
  • Take advantage of this type of format to get an emotional response from the user, trying to remember your brand.
  • Adapt video marketing to each social network, adapting it to the target audience and the recommended formats or duration in each one.
  • Don’t forget to include a call to action (CTA), linked to a specific goal.

Try to make personal and close videos, humanizing your company, and seeking to connect with users, awakening their emotions so that they remember your brand. For this, Storytelling works very well because, from a good story, you can create a positive feeling that inspires and endures in the viewer’s mind. With the youtube video SEO services, you can have the best deal.

4. Video Marketing for Your Advertising

If you are already doing paid advertising and are not yet using videos, take advantage of them to advertise on different social networks and significant impact. Today, social platforms offer multiple options to add and edit promotional videos natively and according to a specific objective, positively influencing your youtube SEO marketing.

Here we have a team with extensive experience in creating & managing advertising campaigns on social networks, which can help you promote your video content to have greater visibility and achieve the proposed objectives with the best video SEO ranking service. Contact us now!

Case Study

SQUAD Infotech

SQUAD Infotech Pvt. Ltd. one of the software testing training leaders in Navi Mumbai & Thane, desired an online display of their strategy to increase site sales, while utilizing their current customer base.





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