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Why Advertise on the Display Network?

Did you know that advertising on Google Display Network affects more than 90% of Internet users? So this is a good reason to diversify your digital marketing strategies and display your ads to potential customers who have never visited your website. Our display ads company has the best display advertising design.

Display advertising gives you access to over 2 million Google partner sites to show your ads to potential customers.

Increase Your Reach

Better awareness attracts new customers and strengthens the link with existing customers. Perhaps at the precise moment of seeing your advertisement, the potential customer is not ready to buy, but when he is, he will have seen your offer and will think of you!

Get More Visibility & Relevant Traffic

Get more quality traffic to your website through precise targeting. Attract potential customers to your home while they browse their favorite sites. With the google display network campaign structure, you can have the best options now.


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“KK, did an excellent job handling my SEO Campaign. Hemant and his team made sure I was updated throughout the process and gave me insight to help make my web page more user friendly for my customers. I would highly recommend Konvert Klicks if you are looking to build your brand online.”
Manish Jha

Director, SQUAD Infotech Pvt Ltd.

Want to Talk to Our Display Ads Strategist!

We understand your business and help you build the most suitable display ad strategy. This will help you gain knowledge on how you can gain visibility on Google Display Network.

How Does Our Display Ads Services Works?

At Konvert Klicks, we have a team of Google & Bing Certified professionals. To start with display ads, we understand your objective and build the strategy around them. Our display ad strategy focused on giving maximum brand awareness and getting leads. 

We have mentioned the activities we do once you hire us. 

Display Ads Audit

We just don’t start working on running ads, we follow the process. We starts with auditing any existing display ads campaign to understand goals.

Building Strategy

Once goals setup we focus on how we will deliver ads. Our display ads strategy is a combination of placements, targeting, and creatives 

Campaign Structuring

Campaign structuring is most important. We structure campaign on the basis of the targeted locations, targeted products, and targeted audience.

Landing Page Creation

If needed, we created a landing page to create an impact on your services or products. The page is optimized to get you maximum traffic/leads/conversions whichever is your goal. 

Creative Development

Creating display ads is not the last thing but the most important one in the strategy. Our graphic designers include all necessary elements in Ads.

Monitor & Optimizing 

Tracking and monitoring are part of digital marketing. We have all the necessary tools and experience team to monitor & optimize display ads

Competitor Analysis

Keeping track of competitors helps us to improve better. We analyze the competitors and need what is necessary to be added in the campaigns. 


Retargeting helps you re-engage with the users who are interested in your products. We retarget the audience to increase lead generation or conversion of products.

Why You Invest in Display Advertising?


Increase Reach


Grab Attention of Your Targeted Audience


Retargeted Interested Users


Measure in Real Time

Our Digital Marketing Process

Digital marketing is a comprehensive concept with several elements working in synchronization. Konvert Klicks offers an array of specialized and tailor-made services to meet all your digital marketing requirements for schools.

Audit & Analysis
Strategy Development
Asset Creation
Monitoring & Refining

Understand How Display Advertising Works?

What is a display network? – Definition by the agency

The display network means all the websites, applications, videos, and other online sites on which it is possible to broadcast an advertisement through Google Ads or Bing Ads Platform.

A greater diversity of media

Compared to the search network, the Google Display Network (GDN) thus offers a greater variety of online sites. Whether it is sites like YouTube, social networks, blogs, or others, the advertiser can broadcast its advertising message. This is not allowed by the search network, which only uses the query results pages on Google. We are the display ad agency offering the best of google display ads to you

Google Ads provides two types of services for its ads: one on the Display network and another on the search network. While search ads appear on search results pages on Google, display advertising, on the other hand, appears on website pages in different formats (Google partner sites).

What Is Display Advertising?

Display Advertising is a paid advertisement broadcast on the web or mobile apps sites (Google partner). Display ads are placed in strategic locations: top, middle, bottom, or sides of the pages of a website.

Their main objective is to increase awareness of your brand, products, or services, by boosting your online visibility.

Display example

Very visual, GDN creatives catch the eye of the Internet user. It targets Internet users using relevant keywords, specific themes, or according to the interests of the audience. Google display ads can also be displayed on thematic sites or particular pages, depending on the product or services you offer. Different targeting solutions are possible.

The figures show that –

  • 80% of Internet users go to partner sites of the Google display network.
  • The display network is made up of 2 million sites; it is available in 100 countries and in 30 languages.

Thanks to this, advertisers have the opportunity to target a large number of prospects and customers. You can trust us in the whole display advertising management. Our professionals are serious about the entire process.

What are the advantages of the display?

Attractive visual advertisements

The main advantage of display network ads is its attractive format. With display advertising, there are several graphic customizations to choose from: image, gif, video, etc. In this way, the display can easily attract the attention of internet users. Using the bing display ads network is also common here.

Targeted advertising for prospects

Display ads have extensive targeting options. Indeed, the advertiser will be able to target the prospects who are most interested in its products or services by choosing the sites in which the google display network ads will be displayed, the localities, and the demographic parameters. But also by choosing the interests of Internet users or specific web pages.


Display advertising also offers remarketing functionality. Remember that remarketing consists of sending ads to people who have already visited the advertiser’s website. So your ads will be properly shown to people who have already shown interest in your services at least once.

Improved visibility

The display network is an excellent way to increase the visibility of a business. The announcements will be broadcast on an extensive network of sites. It is possible to choose sites of the same theme, which generally have a large number of traffics. Thus, Internet users can know the website through display ads.

Brand awareness

Thanks to the visual format, google display advertising can directly make the brand known to Internet users. Indeed, if on search ads, the user needs to click before knowing a little more about the brand. The display network nevertheless authorizes the dissemination of image, video, or gif with the brand logo. And as they say, the picture is worth a thousand words! This visual will immediately be anchored in the memory of the user.

Reliable information

It’s not just Google Ads or Google Analytics that can provide reliable campaign data. The display network can also provide information on campaign performance, the relevance of target audiences, the websites where ads have been displayed, etc. With this data, the advertiser will be able to monitor its investment and review its budget if necessary. You can also make use of google analytics for display advertising there.

How to launch a display campaign on Google Ads?

To launch a display campaign on Google Ads, you must first connect to your Google Ads account.

Which display ad to choose from?

Google Ads will offer you two types of display campaigns:

  • The campaign on the Search Network with the display.
  • The Display Network campaign only.

The campaign on the Search Network with display authorizes the creation of an advertisement that is broadcast simultaneously on the search network and the Display network.

However, the Display Network campaign only shows ads on the web pages of Google’s partner websites. The advantage of using a Display campaign only is to allow you to better measure the impact of your campaigns and to control your budget and its distribution better.

You probably will not have the same expectations of a campaign on the Search Network as a Display campaign more focused on awareness. There are many google display network benefits, and you can get the best of it now.

How to define your marketing objective?

Once the choice is made between display campaigns, define your marketing objective. In this regard, Google offers three marketing objectives:

Develop awareness:

If you want to promote your products, services, or brand to the Internet user, select “Develop awareness” as your marketing objective;

Generate interest:

The “Generate interest” campaign aims to influence Internet users who are looking for services similar to those you offer;

Call to action:

With “Call to action” as a marketing objective, prospects will be encouraged to buy the product, use the services, or take the action they want.

Depending on the defined marketing objective, the Google Ads wizard will propose different configurations to your ads. For example, a “Develop awareness” campaign will not have the same display and functionality as an advertisement aimed at “Generating interest” or a campaign aimed at “Encouraging action.”

Which auction strategy to choose?

You can either adopt a strategy of automatic bids, a manual bidding strategy.

The automatic bidding strategy

In the automatic bidding strategy, there is a choice between:

Visible CPM: CPM or “Cost for a Thousand” corresponds to the price to pay for 1000 impressions of the ad;

Visible CPA: The CPA or Cost per action is equivalent to the price per recorded conversion that you would be ready to pay during an apparent impression that is to say in a clearly visible place on the web page.

If you opt for an automatic bidding strategy, Google Ads will make sure to maximize clicks. With google display network cost, you can avail yourself easily.

Manual bidding strategy

The manual bid strategy, on the other hand, works with cost per click or CPC. Set the maximum cost per click for your ads by inserting the optimized CPC option and the conversion tracking tag.

How to define the campaign budget?

After finding the ideal bid strategy for your display campaign, set the campaign budget by putting a limit on the daily budget for the campaign in question. After that, plan the campaign and when your ads will run.

What type of targeting to choose for display ads?

Then develop the targeting of your display ad to capture the attention of your main prospects. For this, Google suggests three types of targeting:

Demographic data

By opting for demographic targeting, you can define your prospect’s age, sex, and parental status. An estimate will then appear, showing you the number of people you could reach according to the budget you have defined.

Interests and remarketing

Interest targeting and remarketing allows you to determine your targets’ interests and preferences. You can also use your remarketing list. With this second targeting option, to reach a more precise audience.

Appearance on specific sites

If you want to show your ad on a specific website, this third targeting option may be useful to you. Indeed, it authorizes you to choose the sites of broadcasts where your ads will be displayed. You are then very likely to be seen by your prospects.

How do I create display ads?

After configuring all options for display advertising campaigns, now is the time to create display ads. To begin, we choose between text ads and image ads.

Text ads, also called responsive ads, adapt to the type of screen (smartphones or PC). On the other hand, image ads allow you to choose images or animated GIFs compatible with HTML 5. Google can also offer you animations.

Thanks to its attractive format, precise targeting options, and ability to fit into particular sites, campaigns on the Display Network are an excellent way to target relevant prospects.

To increase your display ads’ effectiveness, we do not hesitate to contact an agency specializing in SEA. With PPC experts, Just Search can offer you an effective marketing strategy that will target your prospects and optimize your return on investment. Contact us for the best display advertising services!

Case Study

SQUAD Infotech

SQUAD Infotech Pvt. Ltd. one of the software testing training leaders in Navi Mumbai & Thane, desired an online display of their strategy to increase site sales, while utilizing their current customer base.





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