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PPC for Higher Education

How PPC Advertising help you to Reach More Prospective Students & Get More Enrollments
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How to Increase Enrollments for Your Institute Using Paid Ads?

PPC in the current time is one of the cost-effective advertising forms which can help bring positive results for any business. Pay per click offers a simple payment of fees every time a person clicks on your ads. Thus, it allows drive visitors to the website. 

Although it is an effective channel, there is tough competition, especially in the higher education industry. Some organizations are scared of the high cost per click and the competition.

Using the right PPC for higher education can bring more students to university, college, or school. Here are the types of advertising you can use for proper results.

Types of PPC advertising 

Check out the different types of PPC advising that you can choose to market your higher education institute.

Search Text ads

Google Search ads are highly popular PPC ads. This is because a search engine like Google places such types of ads on the top results. In addition, this type of PPC advertisement is easy to set up on Google Ads (AdWords).  

You have to write a headline along with a two-line body structure, include a relevant link of your page to the website, and select the keywords you wish to advertise.  

Finally, you have to set up a bid of the amount you are willing to pay for each click on the website. It is the bid that helps determine the ad display for the given search.  

The bid isn’t the only factor to consider. Google consider the best combination of bid you have placed on your keyword, the quality of ads and the landing page to get top ranking.  

A great thing about such ads is they are non-invasive. They won’t take up the entire screen or pop out of nowhere. When they appear, you can click on them if you are interested to see the college being advertised. 

Display Ads

They are a popular option for PPC for higher education. The ads allow targeting the potential applicants that might have visited the website in the past. Retargeting is an effective way of display advertising.  

It helps serve ads to the customers based on the previous search or visit to your website. The techniques help make 70% of users convert to customers. 

Social Media Ads 

Most potential students are on social media. Thus, making use of social media platforms to showcase your ad is effective.  

For example, you can put your ads on Facebook and use the advanced targeting feature of the platform to reach out to potential students.  

The ad can make the interested student visit your website directly and learn more about the curriculum and additional information. The same can be used for different social media platforms like Instagram.

Tips for set-up Effective PPC Campaign for Higher Education

Before starting a PPC for higher education, there are few things to consider. The higher education sector comes with tough competition, which means the students will get hundreds of options while searching for a college. 

During such instances, PPC offers the right opportunity to be seen by the potential students and increases a visit on a website leading to a better enrollment rate. Consider the tips for better results.

TIP #1  Cater to your target audience

The larger keyword you use, the expensive it will be to advertise. Thus, to make your campaign work, you must use small yet influential keywords for the audience who can provide you value and return. 

The keywords you choose must be related to a specific program your institute offers or a unique characteristic to your school. That will be less expensive as they are searched less but will focus on your target audience. 

TIP #2 Avoid long contact forms

When you have long contact forms, the students will avoid your page. Although many do not consider forms while creating PPC campaigns, they can have a great impact.

To avoid scaring the students, make sure your form is short and minimum. You must ask only the information that will help you stay in touch. 

TIP #3 Understand the conversion funnel

Before you begin your PPC campaign, you must be familiar with the conversion and its working. Then, PPC will work at the top of the funnel for the students to apply to your school. 

Although they are general searches, they can indicate the user is ready to apply immediately. Thus, it can help reach out to potential students and make them aware of your higher education institute. 

Handling PPC for higher education is challenging. Therefore, it would be best to look after different things to guarantee you make use of the channel correctly and attain positive results. That is why taking help from a good company is essential. 

The professionals will do everything possible to help higher education websites get into the top results and the visible to the students. Thus, it will get a better enrollment rate with a minimum of effort.

Our PPC Services for Higher Education Includes

Google Ads Audit

Keywords Research 

Landing Page Creation

Content Creation

Ad Campaign Structuring

Ad Copies Creation

Competition Analysis 

Optimizing Campaign

Talk to Our PPC Experts for Paid Ads Strategies

Our PPC strategist will understand your business and customize your paid ad strategy to get maximum enrollments. 

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SQUAD Infotech

SQUAD Infotech Pvt. Ltd. one of the software testing training leaders in Navi Mumbai & Thane, desired an online display of their strategy to increase site sales, while utilizing their current customer base.





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