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Digital Marketing for Pre Schools / Daycare

When potential parents are looking for reliable preschools and daycare services, having an engaging online presence through a website or a social media page can take you a long way.  If you are running a daycare or a preschool, it can be challenging to enroll kids into your system. As a digital marketing agency, Konvert Klicks offers several internet marketing services for preschool and daycare to help you grow your business and increase enrollment.

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Digital Marketing Services for Daycare

Digital Marketing is a wide array of elements that we can exploit on the digital landscape to create a competitive presence and grow your preschool and daycare business. Konvert Klicks provides several business growth strategies through digital marketing to enhance your business and increase profits.

Social Media

Social Media is a platform that provides an audience in abundance and is a great source to grow your business. Konvert Klicks offers SMM services for all your requirements.

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Email Marketing

Email is the most personalized form of Digital Marketing. Our email marketing experts provide the best email templates and email lists to fit your requirements and engage your customers.

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SEO is an integral part of Digital Marketing. Effective SEO not only improves your business visibility but also provides an exceptional user experience.

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Pay Per Click

One of the most cost-efficient forms of advertising is Pay Per Click. Konvert Klicks offers extensive paid ad services for all your promotional and marketing needs.

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Content Strategy

Content is an essential aspect of digital marketing. Konvert Klicks ensures unique and engaging content for you to interact with your clients through your website or social media platforms.

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Website Design

Creating an online presence is the first step to all digital marketing strategies. Our expert website designers and developers create unique and user-friendly websites for the best SERP ranks.

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What is Daycare Marketing?

Preschools and Daycares were created for kids to get accustomed to their school life and leaving their parents. While a daycare offers several services for the kids, it can often be difficult for parents to find the best daycare service.

Daycare marketing services provide potential customers with all information about your daycare services and engage them in increasing your business. Konvert Klicks offers a series of digital marketing services for your daycare business to grow and get the best ROI.

Why Daycares needs Digital Marketing?

Get your Daycare Visible within Your Targeted Location

While parents are looking for affordable daycare services for their children, it is always beneficial for them to find a daycare service near their residential or office location. With digital marketing, Konvert Klicks enables you to target a location-specific audience and helps you set up a Google My Business presence for local audience engagement and offline conversions. More than 60% of all conversions on websites come from internet searches, and we take this opportunity and help your business grow.

Increase Brand Awareness

Besides the idea of having an online presence, people believe and trust brands. At Konvert Klicks, we offer extensive Social media marketing services for your preschool and daycare business. Social media marketing helps in the growth of your online presence and creates brand and brand awareness for your customers and potential customers.

Moreover, a good brand provides a platform for interaction and relationship building making the approach personalized and trustworthy. Our designers and marketing experts help you create your brand and establish it over social media, resulting in increased website traffic and offline conversions.

Make Parents find Your Brand on Social Media

While building a brand can be a challenging job to do, making people find your brand can be easy. Konvert Klicks uses extensive and well practices SEO trends to develop a seamless website and social media experience for your users and clients.

Moreover, successful SEO campaigns with researched keywords will place you in higher ranks in the SERPs, increasing your online visibility and conversions. With a more visible brand presence, parents can find you quickly and choose your daycare services over your competition and help you stay ahead in the market.

Increase Enrollment 

While all digital marketing services aim to increase your business, brick and mortar establishments like a preschool or daycare center require offline conversions. With location-specific audience targeting and a vivid social media presence, it can be easy for your daycare business to find the required enrollment rates.

For additional support, Konver Klicks offers extensive email marketing and Pay Per Click advertising services to increase your conversion rates with proper implementation.

Four Digital Marketing Channels to Focus on for Your Pre-School

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for preschools is one of the best digital marketing techniques. SEO covers website design and development and content creation with code optimization and content optimization. SEO helps the website rank in the SERPs, increasing the visibility of your preschool and improving the quality of website traffic. 

Content Creation

While other digital marketing aspects concentrate on the technicalities, content marketing for preschools focuses on developing unique and plagiarism-free content with researched keywords. Konvert Klicks provide the best quality SEO-friendly content for all your blog, article, website, and social media requirements.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media offers a pool of potential customers; social media marketing for preschools targets the location-specific audience for their purpose. Our social media experts research trends and have a complete grasp of all social media marketing tools to successfully implement any social media strategy. 

Paid Ads 

While organic searches can bring a certain amount of traffic and conversions, paid ads for preschools can exponentially increase the number of conversions and enrollment for your preschool services. Our advertisement experts research your competition and implement the most advanced trends to beat them for better online visibility on search engines and social media platforms.

Konvert Klicks uses the best advertisement tools with SEO-friendly content to offer the best ROI for our clients.

Our School Digital Marketing Process

Digital Marketing is a vast concept. Konvert Klicks provides a range of digital marketing services that offer efficient solutions for all your marketing needs for preschools and daycare.

We understand the market through regular analysis, and our expert team of marketers and developers strategize the best plans for your digital marketing efforts. We ensure a substantial increase in website traffic and conversions through enrollment after implementing our digital marketing strategies.


We research your niche & understand your requirements for digital marketing.

Audit & Analysis

We audit your website & find gaps that need attention & provide detailed report.

Strategy Development

We develop a strategy according to your business objectives

Asset Creation

We help you create online presence for smooth promotions of services and products.


We use top digital marketing tools for the appropriate execution of the plans.

Monitoring & Refining

We monitor the digital marketing efforts and alter strategies to get the best RoI.

How We Achieve Your Goals Through Digital Marketing?

  • Konvert Klicks offers a wide range of digital marketing services that cover all our client’s requirements. We analyze your existing online presence and show a list of recommendations for improving your visibility and website traffic. Moreover, we cover all ranges of social media marketing services that help you establish your brand.
  • Additionally, we offer personalized digital marketing service packages that help us stay within your budget while delivering the most efficient results. Preschool and daycare marketing involves targeting location-specific audiences. We have experts with digital marketing experience for preschools who can help you implement the marketing strategies. 
  • Besides organic traffic generation, Konvert Klicks also offers a range of paid ad services that substantially increase website traffic and online visibility on search engines. Our paid ad campaigns ensure the best online marketing and advertisement tactic implementation to achieve all client goals.
  • Lastly, we provide weekly and monthly reports of all strategy implementation and progress to maintain transparency and trust. Our reports help clients provide feedback and help us modify the strategies for the best results and ROI.

Why Choose Us?

Konvert Klicks is one of the best digital marketing agencies to provide a wide range of preschools and daycare services. Over the years, we have provided several digital marketing solutions for preschools and successfully helped them grow their business.

SEO team

Get Ideal Preschool/Daycare Marketing Plan

We offer a wide range of digital marketing services that help accomplish the best goals for internet marketing. Our digital marketing experts provide extensive assistance with custom packages that help us attend to your digital marketing needs.

Access to Different Skills at One Place

We offer one-stop shop for all requirements for digital marketing for preschools. Our expert marketers provide an extensive range of digital marketing skillset and experience that enables us to grow your business over the digital landscape. Our marketers offer in-depth analysis of market trends and find what is best for you.

Accountability that Drives ROI

We strive to provide our clients with the best digital marketing services in the industry. Our marketing efforts are well-researched and tested in real-time to ensure guaranteed results. We offer a range of digital marketing services and custom packages for all your digital marketing requirements that improve ROI.

Get Fresh Perspective to Your Marketing

Our digital marketing experts research the market regularly to understand the flow of trends and tactics. We offer extensive consultancy that includes website auditing, content analysis, and competitor analysis. The information gathered helps us design unique strategies for our digital marketing for preschools that ensure proper target marketing and improved enrollment rates.

Focus Key Performance Indicators Matters

Key Performance Indicators help you grow your business on the internet by optimizing digital marketing efforts. As a digital marketing agency for preschools, we understand the importance of Key Performance Indicators and help your strategies focus on strategic and operational improvements creating relevant analytical data for reporting and strategy optimization.

Case Study

SQUAD Infotech

SQUAD Infotech Pvt. Ltd. one of the software testing training leaders in Navi Mumbai & Thane, desired an online display of their strategy to increase site sales, while utilizing their current customer base.





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Konvert Klicks offers the most effective digital marketing services for preschool to help you make the most out of your industry.

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