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SEO Services for Higher Education

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What do We offer?

We offer a wide range of SEO solutions for higher education institutes.


Website SEO Audit

We perform a complete website audit based on important SEO parameters and check google penalties.


Keyword Research

An aggressive keyword research and analysis is done to find best-fit keywords to target the relevant audiences.


Content Creation & Promorion

We have industry-based content writers and graphic designers to work on creating content as per SEO requirements


On-Page SEO

Based on the keywords, we optimize the on-page elements of the website making it rank on targeted keywords 

Technical SEO

Technical SEO works on the backend of the website enabling the website to load fast and free from any coding errors.

Off-Page SEO

We build authority links that work as a strong vote of confidence to google crawlers. 

Our Digital Marketing Process

Audit & Analysis
Strategy Development
Asset Creation
Monitoring & Refining

How to Increase Enrollments for Your Institute Using SEO?

SEO has become a lot more complicated, especially for higher education. Despite all the analysis, research, and other essential aspects, one cannot rank better. To succeed in the industry, you must have proper SEO for educational websites. Consider the guide to improve the SEO for your institute.

Run on-page SEO audit higher education website has different pages. Sometimes it is the bulk that prevents ranking. The landing pages might have the information about the course has removed from the educational institute or details of the professor no longer associated with the institute. It is essential to clear them out.

You can blog posts, articles, and other content to inform and educate the parents and the applicants about the essential information for educational institutions. Such contents offer sustainability as content marketing can serve as a great means and help widen your audience base.

When a parent or applicant can find the required information on your website and knows you stay up to date, they will surely apply to your school.

1. Look out for duplicate content.

Undoubtedly, content plays a great role in SEO for higher education, but duplicate content can be extremely dangerous to visibility. A frequent issue with duplicate content is .edu sites generated through the wrong implementation of HTTPS secure protocol. When this happens, the user might not get all the essential information or a secure connection to visit your institute’s website. Therefore, you must stay alert and take measures to avoid such issues.

2. Remedies speed loading site.

The loading speed of a website greatly affects SEO. It is an essential factor that affects Google’s ranking. A common reason for slow loading speed is the larger image size present on educational websites.

They can break the visibility of the institute in the search engine results. However, optimizing image and compressing it can make a great difference to your page load speed. It is a great way you can improve your SEO for educational institutions.

3. Mobile optimization

Mobile phone usage has become dominant. People now use their phones to search online. It is mobile phones which help bring 50% of the traffic. Thus, your educational website must be mobile-friendly. Besides, there was also a feature content management system, multiple websites all under one global domain.

When you have a mobile-friendly website, it would mean that students between the age of 18-24 can find you easily, leading to you better enrolment rates.

4. Reclaim broken inbound links

Inbound links are a great way to boost SEO for educational websites. With the right backlinking, you will get adequate traffic on your website. However, gaining a legitimate inbound link without effort is quite challenging, even for an experienced person.

Besides, there is a chance that broken links can hamper the presence. Removing or shifting a link can lead to a broken link generator on educational websites. However, you can quickly regain the broken inbound links by fixing them.

5. Use keywords for better results.

Using organic search keywords in your content will help improve your SEO results. Make use of Google search recommendations to identify the right keywords. The rise of voice search must not be neglected as the students or parents mostly use them to discover universities, colleges, and other degree programs.

So make sure your website has proper features to offer the public an instant insight into the common questions related to your institute.

6. Keep the Wikipedia page updated.

You must keep your educational institution’s Wikipedia page free of inaccurate data. People generally use it to find essential information about the college. So if you wish to top the college search page, make sure to introduce a new feature to search.

7. Stay on top of the local search.

While searching for universities, colleges in a certain region, you will find different options. You must work on your NAP consistency and the GMB listing of your institute to achieve better local SEO results. You can automate the local SEO static by using business management platforms. The schools that have multiple campuses can create individual GMB for each location.

Making your local listing appealing can have a great influence on enrolment numbers. You must include an attractive image of the campus, surrounding area, and classroom to attract the students.


Maintaining a good SEO for educational websites is extremely important. You must say prepared to tackle all the shortcomings and present your institute in the best possible way. To guarantee positive outcomes consider contacting a good professional for help. This way, you can guarantee your website ranks higher and attracts more students to your institute.

Case Study

SQUAD Infotech

SQUAD Infotech Pvt. Ltd. one of the software testing training leaders in Navi Mumbai & Thane, desired an online display of their strategy to increase site sales, while utilizing their current customer base.





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