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We work with real estate agents, agencies, and brokers to help them grow their social media presence while keeping their target audience engaged.
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Engage with Your Potential Buyers using Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing is a critical part of any real estate business. It can be a great way to connect with potential clients and update them on your latest listings.

However, social media marketing is not as easy as it seems. It takes careful planning and precise execution to achieve the best results.

One of the most important things to remember is that you need to balance posting helpful content and promoting your real estate services. If the content is too promotional, your followers will tune out of it entirely.

If your social media marketing strategy is not executed correctly, it can result in less than desired results which might be frustrating for you and your business. That’s why it’s important to work with experienced social media marketing consultants like us who can help you create a strategy that works best for your real estate business.

At konvert klicks, we offer tried & tested social media marketing strategies right from the beginning that will give you an edge over your competitors. Contact us today to find out how we can transform your business’s social media marketing!

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Why do Real Estate Agents need Social Media Marketing?

Increased Business Exposure

One of the most significant benefits of social media marketing is increased traffic to your website, translating into more bookings and closed deals.

Enhanced Brand Reputation

A social media presence also helps you build a robust online reputation which can be very beneficial for attracting new customers and referrals. So it’s not just about the number of followers you have on your profiles, but how active and engaged they are with your content.

Improved Brand Communication

Social media provides a great platform for real estate professionals to communicate with their clients and followers. This two-way communication can help build trust and strengthen relationships.

Our Real Estate Social Media Management Packages

We offer cost-effective and result-oriented social media management for real estate agents, agencies, and brokers.

Our Real Estate Social Media Marketing Services Includes

SM Channels Audit

Optimization SM Pages 

Competitor Analysis 

Social Media Strategy Development

Content Calender Creation

Content Creation

Scheduling & Publishing

Bi-Weekly Consultation

Data Driven Perfromance Analysis

Monthly Reportings

Talk to Our Social Media Strategist!

We understand your business and help build your brand presence on social media. This will help you gain more visibility and leads through social media platforms. 

Our Social Media Marketing Process for Real Estates

Our social media management package for real estate companies provides a hassle-free way for you to focus on the other aspects of your business while we take care of your social media marketing.

Research & Analysis

Analysis done based on your your requirements

Setup & Optimization

We set up and optimize your social media channels

Strategy Development

We develop strategy based on research & audit

Product design icon
Content Creation

We create quality images and blogs to as per the calender

Engaging with Audience

With publishing & promoting, we engage with potential buyers

Monitoring & Refining

Measuring KPIs, and optimizing the campaigns

Real Estate Social Media Management

Our social media management services for real estate agents help build a strong social presence for your business so you can attract more customers and grow your real estate business. We set up & design your profile, develop a content strategy, create a content calendar, post updates on social media pages, monitor activities and performance, and refine.

Digital Marketing verticals

Social Media Adverting for Realtors

Our social media advertising help realtors to increase the reach of our services to a new targeted audience through social media ads. Our real estate social media campaigns include ads targeting Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We create landing pages and social media ads to attract more users.

Talk to Our Social Media Strategist

Our social media marketing strategist will understand your business and customize your social media strategy to gain new customers.

How to Increase Real Estate Leads using Social Media Marketing?

Social media provides an excellent opportunity for real estate businesses to present themselves in front of many people and gain customers. In addition, using the right social media marketing strategy, you can improve engagement and reach to gain new leads.

So if you are in real estate, it is now the time that you leverage the social media platforms to bring more prospects to your website and convert them to clients. Consider the guide as a help to develop the right real estate social media marketing strategy.

Top Ideas for Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing

1. Join Facebook’s real estate groups 

Facebook offers an excellent opportunity to create connections with the local community. As a real estate agent, you must consider joining the local Facebook groups that include people interested in buying or selling a home in a specific area. 

If you cannot find any Facebook group that serves the purpose, you can create essential information about the current real estate trends. Also, ask the previous clients to join. It will help get word-of-mouth recommendations. 

2. Leverage LinkedIn to make connections with prospects

LinkedIn is primarily used for making professional connections. However, you can use the platform for the benefit of your real estate business. You can use it to create an online presence for your estate expertise. 

The platform is a reliable place to get in touch with suitable prospects. This means you can position yourself as a trusted real estate company. Ensure to share your real estate-related trends, guidelines, content, and resources for the LinkedIn account. 

3. Use videos to attract prospects 

You can never underestimate the power of visual content. Using videos for your real estate can be an extremely beneficial social media strategy. Consider uploading home tour videos to gain more prospects. 

Even though people aren’t in a mood to purchase, they will surely look at the videos to satisfy themselves. By providing people what they want, you will improve your website visits and SEO ranking. Thus, there will be a better chance that the actual prospects will find your website easily. 

4. Be specific with the targeting of social media ads

When you run ads on Facebook, you have the opportunity to select the specific targeted audience for your advertisement. Remember, you must be clear about the targeting. Make sure to understand the targeted audience based on age group, location, and income status. 

Considering the information, you can be specific with your social media advertisements. You have to option to create different Facebook ad types. Using this feature, you can test your strategies to find the suitable one for your business.

If you face trouble with managing everything on your own, you can consider contacting professionals who offer the right help for social media marketing for your real estate services. 

5. Share happy stories of homeowners

There is emotional content associated with buying or selling the home. Also, it is a lengthy process. To ease things, you can put up examples of family or people who have gone through the process and had a positive experience with your company. Ask them for video testimonials as it will be a great place to improve your trustworthiness in society. 

6. Use relevant hashtags

Niche and generic hashtags can significantly impact your real estate marketing on social media, specifically Twitter & Instagram. By having a clear understanding of the hashtags, the people are using in your area. 

You can use the hashtags with your ads and videos to improve your chances of being seen. Besides this, niche or local hashtags are extremely beneficial in the real estate sector. You can leverage the location tags on a different platform to grow your business. Thus, by using specific neighborhoods, you can have better results. 

7. Refine the strategy based on results

Remember, social media for real estate agents does not stop once you have put your strategy into action. You need to evaluate the results and customize your plan accordingly to guarantee positive outcomes in the future. 

You need to understand your target audience’s outlook towards your real estate social media marketing strategies to know what is working and what’s not. Then, by refining and improving your strategy, you can get the right results. 

Developing an excellent social media strategy for a real estate agency isn’t easy. There are numerous aspects one needs to look after to create a good social media strategy. To ensure you leverage all the available platforms, consider contacting a professional. 

The experts have knowledge and skills in handling real estate social media marketing. They will develop the right strategy and guarantee your real estate business gets a boost in a short time.

Besides, they will stay by your side to customize the social media marketing plan once the results are received. This will guarantee the best outcomes.

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