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Our eCommerce PPC Services Includes


As eCommerce grows, so does the number of businesses seeking to capitalize on this trend.

This has led eCommerce PPC management services includes Google ads management service, to develop and refine their strategies for promoting products over the internet.

These ads provide a new, streamlined method of online promotion that allows advertisers to connect with potential customers more directly, and can lead to a significant increase in sales.

eCommerce PPC Audit

Before moving forward, we perform an eCommerce PPC audit which helps us identify areas of improvement for your PLA campaigns.

PPC Keywords Research

While doing Keyword research for the PLA campaign, we identified several phrases with high commercial intent.

PLA Campaign Strategy

We provide a customized e-commerce PPC strategy that can help you in generating more sales for your products.

Negative Keywords List

To avoid fund wastage, we create a negative keywords list for product listing ads not to be visible on irrelevant keywords. It helps us refine the PLA campaign better.

A/B Testing

We run A/B testing to measure the performance of two different ads to the same group of targeted audiences for the same set of keywords.

High Performing Ad Copies

Being the front end of any PLA ad campaign, we create ad copies that put the brand’s unique messaging to get a high click-through rate (CTR).

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads on YouTube and Google Display Network (GDN) bring back shoppers to your platform to complete the purchase.

Conversion & ROI Tracking

Since you put huge money into PLA ads, it is necessary to track the conversions to give the best ROI. We make sure to provide committed ROI.

Refining & Reporting

We do optimization and refine the campaign on regular basis to get maximum output. We do monthly reporting of the campaign performance.

Our eCommerce Advertising Services 

Google Shopping Ads
Social Media Advertising
Remarketing Ads
Google Search Ad
Amazon PPC

Talk to Our Experts for Shopping Ads Strategies

Our eCommerce PPC strategist will go through extensive research and analysis provide you customized ads strategy to maximize return on investment (ROI).

Everest Mart

Everest Mart is one of the trusted online grocery stores based in the United Kingdom. It provides household daily needs at doorsteps


Website Development, SEO & Social Media Ads



Our eCommerce PPC Marketing Process

With our custom eCommerce advertising process, you can engage with your target audience on the internet in an authentic way.

We help companies of all sizes get noticed online by providing proven solutions for gaining visibility and increasing sales opportunities through pay-per-click advertisements on Google or social media platforms.

We offer detailed plans tailored to exactly what people want based on research data collected from previous campaigns, so there won’t be any guesswork involved when coming up with new strategies moving forward.


Research & analyze based on your your requirements

Audit & Analysis

We do PPC audits of your Google & FB ad accounts

Strategy Development

We develop a PPC strategy based on research & audit

Product design icon
Ad Copy Creation

We create quality landing pages & ad copies


We setup & launch different ad campaigns for targeted audiences

Monitoring & Refining

Measuring KPIs, and optimizing the campaigns

Have a Project? Talk to Our eCommerce PPC Expert!

We understand your business and help you build the most suitable eCommerce PPC strategy.

Everything You Need to Know about eCommerce PPC Advertising

PPC for E-Commerce is an effective strategy. When used correctly with a pre-planned, well thought out and executed PPC campaign it will help get your product the attention that it needs in order to succeed on digital marketing platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube which have millions of users worldwide!

What is eCommerce PPC?

PPC is an online advertising method where businesses have to pay for ads when users/visitors click it. By using PPC as part of the e-commerce process, businesses can scale easily with data analysis on their performance across different platforms such as Facebook or Google.

This makes it perfect for any online retailer that is looking to maximize their ROI on marketing budgets while still being able test different strategies without having a large gamble in case one doesn’t work out as planned or desired!

Why is PPC important for Online Stores?

The top e-commerce companies are fighting for a piece of the pie, and PPC can help you win. Using this eCommerce PPC strategy when your company is starting out is essential because it takes time to build up results with organic search engine optimization (SEO).

With a proven eCommerce PPC strategy that is well optimized, you can get fast benefits from advertising via Google Ads or social media ads. So those who visit websites have enough incentive to buy something and return later, which generates sales long after the initial advertisement.

Best Practise to Optimize Your Google Shopping Ads

Here are some best practices on optimizing your Google Ads campaign for eCommerce stores.

1. Optimize your product descriptions

To run effective product ads, you’ll want to ensure your product descriptions are well-written and keyword-rich. When creating your product ads, use the same keywords in your product titles and descriptions. This will help you target potential customers who are already interested in what you have to offer.


2. Include a high-quality image with every ad

Add high-quality images to your ads to help capture the attention of potential customers. Not only do high-quality images look more professional, but they also can help to increase conversion rates.

Make sure that you use a different image for each ad variation, and always use the same image across all devices (PCs, laptops, mobile phones, etc.).


3. Use Strong, Compelling and Short Ad Headlines 

While writing ads, use short and compelling headlines set apart from your product titles and descriptions. This way, the searchers can easily distinguish between different ads without reading through the entire description.

Lastly, make sure you use potent emotional triggers in your headlines (e.g., fear of loss or desire for gain). You want customers to click on your ads out of interest, not boredom!

4. Describe Unique product points in appealing way 

Add unique and appealing points that describe your product in your ad to generate more interest in the products, leading to increased sales for your eCommerce store!

5. Make sure to Add Key Features of the Products 

To convert visitors into buyers, you should highlight key features of your product on your landing product page. The more features you include on the product page, the easier it will be for people to understand why they should purchase your product!

6. Highlight any discounts or deals available 

Don’t forget to add discounts or deals on your product ads. Adding discounts helps to increase the chances of potential customers clicking on your ads and buying from your store.

Google Ads can be a tricky beast to tame for new advertisers. But, with the right set of Google Ads strategies, your eCommerce store will see increased traffic and conversions on your website!

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