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Facebook Ad Management Services

Our Facebook advertising services are well planned and apply a method recommended by Facebook to assure you the perfect results. Your advertising goal is what you want people to do when they see your ads. 

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Why You Need Facebook Ads?

Your Customers Spend Maximum Time on Facebook.

Let’s start with the fact. According to the survey almost 80% of internet users use Facebook. Over 65 years of age 65% of adults use Facebook now. It has billions of users, and most visit its Facebook page several times a day.

Facebook Ads are Fast

Facebook advertising is fast. It leads directly to results. You can reach thousands of people today. So if you are searching for a quick way to generate traffic and conversions, advertising on Facebook is the best solution.

Facebook Ads Increases Brand Awareness

In case of brand awareness that is successfully increased by the Facebook ads. People will be able to know what you are offering as well as what are the products overall that you are brand offers.

Facebook ads Reduce Costs per Acquisition

If you can make Facebook ads work for your business, your acquisition costs are likely to drop. Because Facebook ads are so cheap, you can get rid of some of the other expensive advertising campaigns you invest in.

“KK, did an excellent job handling my SEO Campaign. Hemant and his team made sure I was updated throughout the process and gave me insight to help make my web page more user friendly for my customers. I would highly recommend Konvert Klicks if you are looking to build your brand online.”
Manish Jha

Director, SQUAD Infotech Pvt Ltd.

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With years of experience, we understand different businesses and help them build customized Facebook strategies.

How Do Our Facebook Ad Marketing Services Works?

One primary advantage of using Facebook ads is that it can easily reach the exact target audience. This is why Facebook ads are getting popular day by day. Based on specific such as interests, age as well as locations you can customize your advertisements and engage your customers.

Dedicated Account Manager 

You will be assigned with a dedicated account manager responsible for setting up Fb ad account for the optimization of FB ad campaign. 

Custom Facebook Ad Strategy

With your business understanding, we create a customized Facebook ad strategy. The strategy helps us reach your targeted audience. 

FB Ad Account Setup

We set up Facebook ad account. We set up business manager, FB pixel tracking, lead center &  payment settings. 

Custom Audiences 

We create a custom audience using an existing customer list or capturing site visitors’ data through FB Pixel or app users. We create a look-a-like audience to increase reach.

Creating FB Ad Campaigns

We set up Fb ad campaign based on the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your targeted audience.

Ad Creations

We create multiple ads per ad set per campaign to get maximum outcomes on objectives. We do A/B testing of creatives to see effective elements 


Retargeting interested visitors get you more website traffic and more conversion. We build a custom audience to retarget your customers. 

Facebook Ads Reporting

We do the reporting of the Facebook ad campaign on the desired key performance indicators. We majorly focused on the end outcome of the campaigns. 

Why You Invest in Facebook Ads Services?


Facebook Ads are Budget Friendly


Increase your Business Reach


Increase in Website Traffic


Reduced Cost per Acquisition

Our Digital Marketing Process

Digital marketing is a comprehensive concept with several elements working in synchronization. Konvert Klicks offers an array of specialized and tailor-made services to meet all your digital marketing requirements for your business.

Audit & Analysis
Strategy Development
Asset Creation
Monitoring & Refining

What Makes us Trusted Facebook Trusted Advertising Agency?


Dedicated Ad Account Manager


Focus on Return-on-Investment


Experienced FB Ads Experts


We Listen our Customers


100% Transparency

Satisfied Clients


Avg. Conversion

Understanding Facebook Advertising

Why advertise on Facebook?

Organic reach is not stable and eventually drops. Facebook advertisement increases visibility. The best Facebook ads strategy offered by our company will provide the best choices now.

Many people have used advertising for their Facebook page in lack of engagement, revive it, and reach new customers, readers, etc. However, advertising is also used for all companies which master the creation of audiences and who succeed in profit substantially.

Some structures manage to achieve the most significant part of their turnover, thanks to Facebook advertising.

To advertise, Facebook is above all to seek visibility, gain traffic, and increase your business. These are the 3 key elements that are regularly found in the digital strategy for its website in the best Facebook ad agency pricing.

Facebook Advertising: What You Need To Know Before You Begin

It may sound complicated or daunting, but creating a Facebook Ads campaign is much simpler than you might think. In fact, you can learn in just a few hours with this article guide that should help you. This guide to Facebook advertising is aimed at both the beginner and the community manager in charge of Facebook ads by our Facebook marketing agency.

Facebook Advertising

We will see together the essential elements for the success of Facebook advertising, such as:

  • Your goal.
  • Your target.
  • Your investments.
  • Your advertising.
  • Your budget.

Do not forget to consult the elements to install Facebook pixels to target your advertisements.

Know your goal before creating your Facebook ad

To create a Facebook Ads campaign, you must go to Facebook advertising services: the Facebook ad manager, and then create an advertising account if yours is not yet established.

If you have already created it, you should be familiar with “goals.” Goals are essential before doing anything about advertising with the best Facebook campaign objectives.

Facebook gives you here the different objectives that we will seek to achieve via its platform.

Facebook advertising goals
  • So to start on a good foundation, you need to be very clear about your marketing goal. Depending on the objective you choose, Facebook will optimize the dissemination of your advertising differently.
  • In other words, it will not be the same people in your audience who will see your Facebook ads according to the objective you have chosen.
  • With the Traffic advertising objective, you want us to visit your website, that’s all!
  • With the Conversions advertising goal, the end result is different. You also send traffic to your website, but with a specific objective, conversion.
  • Conversions are also different from each other.

It’s up to you to make the right choice based on your final goal! You will also be able to compare your advertising objectives, your objectives in terms of Facebook interactions to favor: like, click, comment, or share.

This will help you assess the traffic directed to your site according to the number of clicks recorded. To get the Facebook conversion pixel and Google Analytics coupled to your website, will help you track your prospects.

Who are you talking to through your Facebook ads?

Now that we’ve chosen your goal, it’s time to find your target. When you still have little experience, it is best to test the socio-demographic targeting by centers of interest. You need to have a decent idea about how much to advertise on Facebook also.

If you choose only the basic socio-demographic targeting options, you will get an audience of this size! (1,900,000) Suffice to say that it is far too important and that you will not risk reaching all of the people behind this target!

Define the audience in the Facebook ad manager

One million nine hundred thousand people, did that sound good to you?

I hope you answered “no” because we want a well-targeted audience!

You compete with 6 million advertisers according to Facebook statistics and according to an auction system.

Choosing too large an audience is like shooting yourself in the foot since you are competing with a more significant number of advertisers.

How to reduce the size of your audience on the Facebook ad manager?

Through the Facebook ad manager, it will be necessary to interact with advanced targeting according to interests and behaviors. Hence the importance of having a precise idea of ​​your ideal client and your market is there with the Facebook ad management service.

Are there communities on its market (and therefore Facebook Pages)?

Know how to put yourself in the shoes of your target and define a maximum of centers of interest. Not all will be useful at first because it will be necessary to eliminate. Specific centers of interest will be much more meaningful than others in the context of Facebook marketing campaign targeting.

By adding or removing specific interests, you will, in all cases, see the Facebook gauge of the audience increased or decreased more or less quickly. The goal is to get an ultra-targeted audience!

Five Steps to Setup Facebook Advertising


Step 1 – Define The Advertising Goals

What is the reason for marketing with Facebook? What kind of investment return would you expect? During the call or the start-up meeting, We will be listening to all that you have to say for understanding what your company offers (history, challenges, and values,). With our Facebook ad services, you can come up with the best choices now.

After this, we will offer you all the options that you have for Facebook advertising and you can come up with the option that suits you the best: increase your reputation, develop a prospect base, increase your sales or even retain your customers. Our Facebook ads company offers you the best deal now.

Step 2 – Defining The Target Audience

Facebook advertising offers three levels of hearings :

  • The primary audience, determined according to specific criteria (age, sex, profession, geographic area, centers of interest, etc.).
  • The personalized audience, drawn from your current database (visitors to your website, email addresses of your customers) to retain those who already know you.
  • A similar audience, which brings together people with characteristics common to your clientele / existing users / current audience.

Step 3 – Define Your Budget

With the Facebook advertising expert, you will be able to determine what is the proper budget for the goals that you have to attain, and likewise, they will offer you a weather forecast about the number of visitors who might visit your website. The sales/contact you can make. There is flexibility in Facebook advertising budget and so you can make it increase or decrease from time to time and for that there is no constraint of time.

Be it daily or monthly, our experts offer you the finest chance for such an automatic advertising campaign within your budget.

Step 4 – Creation Ads & Management Of Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns

From your Facebook advertising expert, both visuals and text are available. Then there is the team of web designers and writers that we have for your campaign creation. Before their publication, we will share them with you for validation. With the best Facebook ad formats, this is essential now.

Your Facebook advertising manager will have the option to change all the visuals or the texts as and when required if you ask them to. Based on the results obtained and the interaction created by your advertising campaigns, we optimize the targeting and the content for increasing performance. You can have a Facebook advertising agency for small businesses also.

Step 5 – Optimization of Fb Ads & Doing Facebook Advertising Report

Our clients benefit from our performance reports produced manually by the Facebook ad management expert assigned to them. For that, you will have the best Facebook ad objectives. This report gets to be adapted according to your requirement as well as preferences. At the time your dedicated account manager shares with you your performance reports, you better ask him all the answers to your questions.

In the report, you get an overview of monthly performance and comparison with the previous month, as well as the summary of actions implemented, and explanations on the measures to be planned for the following months.

Would you like to advertise Facebook to increase your turnover and improve your current results?

However, you still don’t know how to advertise and target your actions. I’m not talking to you about pressing the “boost publication” button, but about creating advertising campaigns via the Facebook advertising manager. Truly Facebook marketing for small businesses is perfect.

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