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Our real estate PPC services utilize the best real estate strategies from our team of industry experts to reach new real estate customers.
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Generate Quality Leads Real Estate PPC Services

The key to a successful campaign is finding the right audience for real estate. Paid search advertising for real estate requires specialized knowledge and experience to target potential buyers and sellers in your area. Our PPC agency has the experience and skills necessary to help your real estate business succeed online.

Through our PPC real estate marketing efforts, we can target real estate audiences in several different ways. Depending on your real estate company’s goals, budget, and campaign timeframe, we can focus our real estate strategies on reaching people searching for homes or realtors online.

In addition, our real estate PPC services will help you capture potential homebuyers and sellers looking at specific locations or real estate types.

We have real estate specialists who have created real estate campaigns for some of the world’s largest realty companies, and that know how to help your company grow online with a good real estate PPC.

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Why do Realtors need PPC Advertising?

Attract More Leads

Real estate PPC ads can help you target local homebuyers and sellers who are ready to buy or sell real estate in your targeted area.

Increase Brand Awareness & Visibility

If you’re looking to get your real estate brand in front of potential customers, there’s no better way than real estate Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Beat Your Competition

With paid ads, you can place your brand above local and national competitors. This real estate PPC strategy will make you the first realtor ad people see, giving you an incredible advantage over other realtors in your area.

Pick a Real Estate PPC Plan that Works for Your Business Model

We have 3 different PPC packages you can choose which best suits your real estate business and requirements. 

Our PPC Services for Real Estate Company Includes

Google Ads Audit

Proven Customized Strategy

Keywords Research

Landing Page Creation

Bid Management

Ad Extensions

Ad Campaign Structuring

Ad Copies Creation

Competition Analysis

Negative Keywords

Optimizing Campaign

A/B Split Testing

Measurement & Reporting

Talk to Our Google Ads Strategist!

We understand your business and help you build the most suitable PPC strategy. This will help you gain knowledge on how you can gain visibility on Google.

Real Estate Google Display Advertising

Another real estate PPC strategy that we offer is Google Display Ads. With this type of real estate advertising, we target people who have visited real estate websites in the past with display ads. Again, this helps increase your conversion rates as these potential customers are already interested in real estate.

Our Real Estate PPC Advertising Process

Our real estate PPC advertising process is simple and effective. We understand your target market, competition, and your goals before working on our PPC strategy. 


With a team of experienced PPC experts, we execute the paid advertising plan and provide you with real-time updates on the progress. After the campaign is executed, we do a final review of the performance and provide you with a detailed report. During this course of action keep optimizing your real estate PPC campaign for better results.


Research & analyze based on your your requirements

Audit & Analysis

We do PPC audits of your Google & FB ad accounts

Strategy Development

We develop a PPC strategy based on research & audit

Product design icon
Ad Copy Creation

We create quality landing pages & ad copies


We setup & launch different ad campaigns for targeted audiences

Monitoring & Refining

Measuring KPIs, and optimizing the campaigns

Talk to Our PPC Experts for Paid Ads Strategies

Our PPC strategist will understand your business and customize your paid ad strategy to get potential leads.

4 Tips to Optimize Your Existing Ad Campaigns to Gain Potential Leads

Real estate is a highly competitive industry. However, it can be extremely profitable when you use the right strategy and measures. Regardless of your area, you will have numerous competitors from nationwide companies to self start-ups.

If you wish to give your business a profitable and long-running boost, you must figure out a way that helps you stand out from the other companies. Fortunately, PPC advertising can offer the right help.

Using PPC management for real estate will improve your chances of getting higher website visits and better prospects. Check out the guide to know more.

Optimizing Your PPC ad Campaign to Increase Leads

1. Finding the PPC outlet

You can find numerous companies offering PPC solutions for real estate agents. However, Google offers the most useful one. 

Using Google Ads, you can research different words and target them to get better results. The targets reflect the part of the customer demographic, so you can reach out to the potential customers easily.

This makes it easy to compete with the other companies. You need to select a bid price for each keyword. When the Google user searches for that specific keyword, Google will find the company with the highest bid for the keyword and present it at the top. 

Remember, you won’t be charged until your ad gets clicks. This means there is no chance that you end up spending a huge amount on your marketing. With PPC, you stay within your budget by targeting the audience and attract them to become your clients.

Besides, the Facebook ads are based on the interest of the demographic of the users. In simple words, you can customize who can see the ads based on what they have liked on the Facebook page or the personal information they have provided. 

So when you are trying to find people looking for their first home, you can target women between 18 to 34 years of age living in your area. Besides, you can also set a Facebook ads budget to keep your spending limit. 

2. Create Ad format

When using PPC for real estate, you must follow the rules and regulations. Remember, the PPC systems come with specific rules and off-limit topics like alcohol and tobacco. For example, when using Google Ads, you can add only with text. 

Besides, you will have a little space left for a heading or description. However, as Google strikes a lot of qualified traffic, you need to use the platform correctly. Similarly, on Facebook, you can create video ads, text, or images using different styles and rules.

Now that you have a clear understanding of the PPC basics, you can move ahead to the final element of putting everything together. 

3. Create your landing page

Once you have decided everything, you must stay prepared with a landing page. It is a location on your website which is explicitly designed to appeal to the visitors who click on the ad. 

Make sure you create different pages for each ad so that you can copy and the call-to-action present on the page directly relate to the ad the prospect has clicked on.

A good landing page must have at least 800 words of text which discuss the topic well. You can consider including videos, images, etc., for attracting. But remember, the end goal must be to gain clients. 

You must not forget to add a call-to-action button on each landing page, which encourages the visitors to take some kind of action that can either be signing up for your email newsletter or calling your office for a consultation. 

4.     Get it all together

Once you have a PPC service provider, an advertisement, and a landing page, you need to bring all the elements together to offer a good user experience. 

For this, put your advertisement on the service provider’s website and link it to your landing page. Then make use of built-in tracking tools to keep an eye on the performance of your ad. 

Over time you can customize and change the ads and landing pages to increase the conversions and clicks. With timely changes in the ads, there will be a better chance of increasing the value of your ad and boosting your ROI.

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KK, did an excellent job handling my SEO Campaign. Hemant and his team made sure I was updated throughout the process and gave me insight to help make my web page more user friendly for my customers. I would highly recommend Konvert Klicks if you are looking to build your brand online.


Director, Leading Software Testing Institute Mumbai

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