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ROI Driven SEO Services 

Konvert Klicks is one of the trusted SEO company in India – and we have a track record to prove it. Our SEO services are designed to rank top on search engines catering to your unique business requirements.  

  • Customized SEO Strategy
  • Experienced SEO Team
  • Generate Leads through natural ranking 
  • Time-bound work

Case Study: Generated 100 leads per Month

Case Study: CTR Increase by 50%

SEO Services That increases Revenue

The process of improving the visibility of your website on search engines without using search engine ads is known as search engine optimization or SEO also termed as natural ranking.

With SEO services adapted to the needs of a site and quality content creation, traffic, and turnover objectives can be achieved. Our SEO service revolves around several axes, from the audit to the SEO recipe, then towards monitoring and continuous improvement to increase the visibility of the site on search engines.

With experienced SEO professionals, we are one of the trusted SEO companies in India.  We work on SMART methodology to give you the desired search engine rankings. 

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“KK, did an excellent job handling my SEO Campaign. Hemant and his team made sure I was updated throughout the process and gave me insight to help make my web page more user friendly for my customers. I would highly recommend Konvert Klicks if you are looking to build your brand online.

Manish Jha

Director, SQUAD Infotech Pvt Ltd.

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SEO Services We Offer

Local SEO

Get local maps ranking to get genuine leads and traffic

White-Label SEO

Get local maps ranking to get genuine leads and traffic


SEO Consultancy

We offer SEO consultancy if you want to check your SEO team work.

National SEO

Get your services rank on top of Google across the national. 

Enterprise SEO

Enterprises need a dedicated SEO team & we have team to do so. 

WordPress SEO

WordPress is widely used CMS and we specialize in ranking WP.

eCommerce SEO

We work on customized SEO strategy for e-commerce websites.

Video SEO

With our video SEO strategy, get videos ranked on YT & Google.

Penalty Recovery

Getting penalized can hurt your online business, we can recover your site 

SEO team

Custom SEO Packages @ Affordable Price

Our SEO company India takes the form of an SEO recommendation document accompanied by various additional files useful to those responsible for making the audit’s corrections. The SEO ranking services allow you to clearly and in detail, what modifications must be implemented on your site and why they are fundamental.

We strategize our SEO work as per your business needs that is the reason we offer custom SEO packages.

Your Needs, Your Ideas and Our SEO

Our SEO agency India knows that you need customization for the SEO ranking of your website. Share the ideas and expectations that you have, and we will come up with the best choices now.

Our Search Engine Optimization  Services Offers

We evaluate your objectives to offer you the search engine optimization services strategy best suited to your reality. The guerrilla warfare of SEO is more complicated, but it is clear that several industries lag behind in terms of SEO efforts.

Our approach is based on a quality SEO work that will allow you substantial gains and a long time.

Website SEO Audit

Our SEO audit includes three analyzes of your site, technical analysis of your website, and fundamental and strategic analysis of your project and an analysis of your domain name’s popularity.

Keywords Research 

Keywords are like a compass for SEO campaign: they tell you where to go, and whether you are making progress. keywords require its own optimization strategy to get the first page rank.

Content Creation

Content is a whole dimension of managed SEO, but above all, it plays a crucial role in optimizing your conversions. It aims to improve your web pages’ visibility while guaranteeing top position ranking.

On-Page SEO

On-page is one of the important SEO element which needs to be implemented on the site. We provide researched on-page SEO recommendations so that web pages gain quick top page ranking.

Schema Markups

Schema Markups help to get recognized your website by Google bots fast and quick as it works as an authority reference. This help webpages to get featured ranking on search engines. 

High Authority Link Building

We build quality backlinks which are necessary to increase your web pages in Google’s results pages. We offer ethical link building services to gain authority to the webpages.

Competition Analysis 

We can’t ignore competitor SEO performance as it gives you a better view of SEO trends in the industry. We provide a detailed competitor analysis so that you can achieve 1st page ranking quick.

Monthly Reporting 

Knowing your SEO performance is important. We provide a ranking, traffic, and link-building activity reports so that you can compare the growth at every stage of SEO services. Best SEO Agency India.

We use TOP SEO Industry Tools

Google Search Console
Google Analytics
Report Garden
White Spark

Our Trademarked
SEO Process & Workflow.

Our trademark S.M.A.R.T SEO process helped us to do the timely delivery of our SEO commitments mobile. We have maintained our quality using our SEO process.

Our SMART SEO Process

Are You Ready to Grow? Get Your Proposal Now!

Our SEO team has rank business on google to get them increased traffic, leads, and increased revenue. Get your free SEO strategy and proposal.        

How We Optimize Your Site?

Presence and web presence should not be confused when we covet the best place in search engines. Our approach is based on a quality reference that will allow you substantial gains and a long time. The first objective is there to determine the actions expected by your prospects or customers accurately. With a professional SEO consultant, you can find the best deal now.

Detailed Keyword Analysis

This is the 1st step after creating or redesigning your website. You know better than anyone what keywords are related to your product or service offering. At least, you think you know these keywords that people will search to find you.

But did you know that the mere fact of adding an “s” to communication, or any other set of words, therefore constitutes another essential expression or a new semantic field?

Besides, the new approach of Google tends to work in a family of related terms and synonyms. It is the semantic content analysis. It can sometimes be hundreds, if not thousands, of monthly searches deviating from the search engines.

Added to this are the levels of competition that can make your choices a real ascent of Everest while adding a word, or a slightly different option, could allow you to reap coveted searches.

Fixing SEO Technical Issues 

Our SEO services Bhopal natural referencing offer for your site’s positioning and natural visibility is the assurance of taking charge of your SEO campaign and long-term monitoring of your existing website.

Google My Business Optimization

The search engine created an algorithm that highlights local sites in the results pages with more precision: location, relevance, etc. With this update, Google manages local queries better and offers more precise results to Internet users. Following this change, several sites have seen their positioning changed.

Local Search Optimization

The first step for taking is to configure your Google My Business account properly. You need to provide Google with all the information you need to understand what your business is doing.

The other strategy is to get links from local sites: net linking is a powerful SEO lever. If you have several links from local sites, you optimize your chances of appearing on geolocated keywords.

Consistent Content Plan

Like a cascade, an SEO strategy includes a social media strategy that consists of a content plan consistent with the objectives. Knowledge capital is important for all kinds of trades. There the role of a good idea comes useful. In the process of value making, this is important.

Relevant content starts with a consistent content plan. The value of the content being the Web’s currency, it is better to know how to manage your investment!

You are about to discover how valuable your knowledge is in the web world. You have thought about your SEO strategy, you have a social media plan, and you are at the stage of defining a content plan to focus your energies in the right places and not to squander or devalue your web currency: your content. You have targeted specific objectives, and you need a guide to ensure the required actions.

Link Building Strategy

It’s a complex game with unwritten and confusing rules because Google doesn’t send its secret recipe to SEOs. Everyone must test hypotheses and the most clever offer tools to help you. Finally, the result is always the same, and you have to invest in creating inbound links one at a time.

This requires patience, consistency, and above all, a strategy not to harm our SEO. Indeed, a lousy way of making “backlinks” can prove to be more harmful than doing nothing. We don’t do improper and unethical link building practices because it could bring temporary results.

Measuring KPIs

To measure the performance, we work on key performance indicators, so that you can know your website performance across search engines. 

The Best Advice for Successful SEO for Your Website

Plan your SEO strategy before truth-be-told – SEO has become highly strategic, and building a website without planning for choosing your keyword sets is a bit like pulling a flower to make it grow faster. Your efforts could be in vain, but they could kill your SEO before it ever started. The rules of SEO have changed so much that we are now renaming SEO by the expression WEU. A phrase whose acronym speaks volumes: User Experience Optimization.

We offering you a complete SEO strategy providing you with an analysis of the best keywords to start your SEO guerrilla warfare will undoubtedly be the best investment you have ever made, especially since you can use this analysis to launch an online advertising campaign using the most exciting keywords in terms of value for money. You can also use the editorial advice to create your interdependent semantic fields and, above all, prioritized their conversion capacity.

Indeed, with a list of precise keywords, your writing can be facilitated to respect the rules of LSI ( Latent Semantic Indexing), which adds a new layer of complexity and which makes the notion of relevant content more vital than ever.

Things We Offer as Your SEO Management Partner

SEO expertise and intelligence form the basis of any successful natural SEO strategy and production of relevant content. There are five different tools involved, all juxtaposed with manual analyzes based on our SEO expertise.

You will have an analysis established according to the criteria of short, medium, and long term positioning potential coupled with conversion levels (purchase intention) potential from 1 to 3 (1 being the most likely to convert Internet users). You will be able to understand how your competitors are performing and how you are performing if you have a website.

This analysis will become your Web bible for a well-planned SEO, but above all, your guide to properly prepare your new site, or redo your website.

Basically, an analysis focused on the niches potentially the most efficient for your site, both in 1st place positioning and Adwords campaigns at the best cost vs. performance.


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