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Digital Marketing Training and Internship Program with Google Certification

Konvert Klicks is offering a digital marketing training and internship program with Google certification. Learn Digital Marketing directly from industry experts. If you are looking for digital marketing training, click below:

Learn Advance Digital Marketing

Make a career out of assisting businesses in growing their businesses at their own pace through flexible and personalized training workshops geared to help you learn how to develop digital business strategies.

Get certified while Learning

Konvert Klicks mission is to develop Digital Champions by offering opportunities for college students enrolled in professional courses to acquire skills and become employable in digital domains.

Training cum Internship

There are 26 courses to explore, each jam-packed with practical activities and real-world examples to help you apply what you’ve learned and become a Google Certified Professional.

Industrial training cum internship program details

Details to be mentioned

Why should you get certified?

Enhance your CV

Obtaining certification demonstrates to companies that you have a deep understanding of the fundamentals of digital marketing. 

Find a Job

Certification demonstrates that you have true digital abilities and that you are eager to grow. This can increase your chances of landing the job you seek.

Career Growth

Improving your digital skills can help you land a job, advance in your current position, or launch a new career.

How it works

  • Go through the training material
  • Attempt exams of all modules
  • Take the Final Exam
  • Get your Google certificate

Focus Areas

  • Take any business on the Digital Stage
  • Make it simple for customers to find your company on the internet.
  • Reach your Potential customers locally or on social media.
  • Increase your reach to find customers via advertising
  • Track Web traffic
  • Take your business global.

Topics Covered

In the  45-day workshop, you will be learning about digital marketing platforms, strategies & tactics.

Looking for a career in Digital Marketing? We are giving a chance to know-how digital marketing for free. This workshop will cover the overview of different digital marketing channels, strategies & future of jobs.

Digital Marketing Intro

Understanding the basics of digital marketing, benefits, and career in this.


How Google ads works, analysis, and techniques. Different Google ads certifications  

Email Marketing

Email marketing intro, how emails being used by brands for conversions. 

Web Analytics

Understanding Data Analytics & its tools. How it works and helping businesses to grow.  


SEO basics, optimizing websites to make it rank on Google. SEO strategies & tactics 

Social Media

How social media works, building brands & how is a career in social media. 

YouTube Marketing

Learning video marketing on YouTube. How it help in viral marketing. 


Learning about different digital marketing certifications including Google ads, Analytics & fb.

Skills you’ll learn

Analytics & Data Insights

We’ll show you how to collect and analyze user data and convert it into meaningful insights in this introduction to analytics.

Display Advertising

Get noticed online by identifying the right audiences, ad networks and strategies for your display ads.

Local Marketing

Using local directories, mobile marketing, and establishing a local search presence, you can reach out to potential customers.


Learn how to distinguish between organic and paid search, and how to optimize web pages

Business Strategy

To help you enhance your internet marketing efforts, learn how to set and track
specific goals,segment and audiences.


All of the methods and resources you’ll need to set up an online store, sell online, and improve the user experience.


Learn how to distinguish between mobile sites, apps & how to create most effective mobile SEO and advertising strategy.

Social Media

Learn how to  develop outstanding material that others will enjoy, and track your progress.

Content Marketing

Learn how to create and distribute high value content to potential customers to increase brand exposure and conversions.

Email Marketing

Master the basics of email marketing, including how to track responses, create simple landing pages and use A/B testing.


Learn about the various research tools available,
as well as how to identify keywords and optimise campaigns for a better return.

Web Optimization

Determine which digital channels can assist you in achieving your business objectives and providing better online user experiences.

Training Includes

  • Detailed Overview of Digital marketing
  • Detailed Career Guidance
  • Participation Certificates
  • Free Access to Expert Digital Marketing Group
  • Access to Free Demo Session on Digital Marketing.
  • Soft Copies of Various worksheet
  • Exclusive offers on various other training programs.

Learn by Doing

The workshop will enrich you with practical skills.

Our training method is based on practical learning which gives you hands-on experience in digital marketing. Our 2 to 5-day workshop helps you gain basic knowledge of different digital marketing platforms.

Learn from Experts

Workshop will be conducted by Industry Experts

Our trainers are no other than our founders, who are into digital marketing industry for more than 10 years and have seen every industry trend. They have been working with all sorts of business and have given them business through digital marketing.

Career Guidance

We will get to know how jobs in digital marketing work

In these 2 to 5 days, our key focus will be on building a career in digital marketing. We will provide you different current career options in digital marketing and the future of the industry.

Most Comprehensive Digital Marketing Course

Konvert Klicks’ Digital marketing course is well structured & comprehensive. The course material is as per current trends prepared by industry experts which gave me a complete understanding of the different digital marketing channels. Their live project training helped in implementing the concepts.

Firdos Khan – Blogger


Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about applying for Digital Marketing Training or an Internship

What do you learn in a digital marketing internship?

During the internship, you will gain knowledge
of the various 
tools and approaches used in 
digital marketing, which will aid you later in 
your career.

Is it necessary for digital marketers to be able to code?

While knowing coding and programming languages are beneficial, a digital marketing professional does not need to know them. You don’t need any coding experience.

Is there a limit to how old you may be when it comes to digital marketing?

On average, the minimum age to learn digital marketing is 18 years old, with no upper age limit. To summarise, digital marketing does not require any formal education, although it does require some skills prior to or during entry into the industry.

Is digital marketing a good career in 2021?

In India, highvalue, engaging content has a 
lot of room to expand in 2021. 
If you want to make a living as a content writer, 
digital marketing is a good place to start.

Is it possible for a digital marketer to work from home?

The flexibility to work from home is arguably the most appealing aspect of a career in digital marketing. Because the majority of tasks can be accomplished online.

Is it true that the majority of interns are hired?

Employers use internships as a test drive before making a final decision, According to studies conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, approximately 52 percent of interns are offered full-time positions if they do well (NACE).

Free Courses

We offer 2 demo classes for all our digital marketing courses. Fill the contact us form to get a call back from our career counseling team.

Premium Courses

To have deep learning you have to go from basic to advance. Our premium courses offer you the opportunities to become an expert in digital marketing.

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