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Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services 

PPC or pay-per-click marketing is a method of advertising over the internet. This method allows marketers to pay for every single ad clicked by online users or visitors. Konvert Klicks is one of the best PPC management services in India provides you with qualified leads at minimum cost. 

Many search engines like Google and Bing allow pay-per-click advertising only on an auction basis. PPC mainly helps in getting an instant result, increased traffic, generating leads, and turning them into conversions.

What We Cover Under PPC Management Services?

Search Ads

Search ads make your website visible on top of Google & other search engines, resulting in high lead generation

Display Ads

Display ads promote business & increase brand awareness. GDN display ads display your ads on millions of websites

Shopping Ads

Online stores can reach a relevant targeted audience to increase your sale. PLA ads are best for eCommerce stores.

Remarketing Ads

With remarketing increase your sales by reaching the visitors who visited your website previously.

Mobile App Ads

Promote your mobile app to increase engagement and conversions using Google Ads.

YouTube Ads

Running YouTube ads get your business the maximum brand awareness. It helps you get visibility.  

Want to Talk to Our PPC Strategist!

We understand your business and help you build the most suitable PPC management strategy. Our strategy will get you to maximize your sales and revenue with an affordable budget.  

How PPC Management Services will Help Your Business?

PPC services will help your business in getting instant results, traffic to your websites, generate leads, and sales. PPC can also help you in attaining your business goals, instant visibility, and more by maintaining total control and clarity.

No matter the business is big or small in size, PPC works for all. And with PPC you can control your budget and spend wisely.

You can measure each and every step taken by you. There are lots of tool options available to measure your website’s performance.

With the help of PPC campaigns, you can better understand your customers, like their exact data, their interests, how they browse, and their purchase behavior.

Why Prefer Us For Your PPC Service Needs?

Achieve Business Goals

Whatever the goals you want to achieve using our PPC services, we will definitely deliver them to you in a restricted time period. Get 

Get Instant Visibility

With our PPC management services, your brand can easily become visible in a very very short span of time. Finally, people will get to know about your brand. With pay-per-clicks, get visibility. 

Conversions & Qualified Leads

We will provide you with the conversions you always wanted with our PPC management skills and experience. The leads generated through our campaigns are qualified & convert to sales.

Competitors Analysis

We will do an in-depth study of your competitors and make a strategy that can work better than them. Using their data and plan we can give a full-proof strategy for your PPC campaigns.

Tracking & Monitoring

Each and every step took by us will lead you towards progress and the best part is every single step is traceable. We provide a monthly reports of every conversion, lead, sales achieved by your running PPC campaign.

How Konvert Klicks Works?

At Konvert Klicks, we have a predefined PPC Management process that makes us your eyes and ears, to look for the best bids, channelizing budgets, and more.

Our Google Ads Certified team is always updated on the latest trends, rules, and strategies in relation to PPC. Thus, our success stems from our approach, which’s clearly holistic, like working on each color of the rainbow for the amazing effects.

PPC advertising has clear goals that we set post-evaluation of the client profile.

Satisfied Clients


Avg. Conversion

What we will deliver?


We will deliver you the instant online presence of your brand.

Leads & Sales

We will create successful PPC campaigns which in return will provide you more lead and sales to your website.


The leads generated by PPC campaigns will become a conversation which is good for you.


All the leads, sales, conversions, ROI you wanted will be achieved, once we start your PPC management services.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Pay Per Click Services?

PPC is also known as Cost Per Click. It is an online advertising model where advertisers pay some amount each time when their ads get clicked. These advertisements usually appear on websites, search results and even social media like Facebook, etc. Your ad will appear according to the keyword you selected.

What are the benefits of PPC ads?

PPC has a positive impact on businesses and brands, as it is easily measurable and trackable. With PPC ads, your website gets displayed to customers who are specifically searching for your products or services. PPC ads are more reliable and profitable for tons of businesses who are looking for quality traffic and conversions.

What are the components of a PPC ad?

Design your ad according to these guidelines – 

  • Headline: Your ad needs a short and attention-grabbing headline.
  • Display URL: Display URL is the link that users can see in Pay Per Click search ads. This Display URL is different from the destination URL.
  • Destination URL: This is the link that users will go if they click on the ad. The domain of your destination URL must match with the domain of your display URL.
  • Description: Describe your products and services in a few words to attract customers to click on your ads.
How does PPC differ from organic SEO?
  • We can launch paid searches very quickly, but organic SEO generally takes time to show results.
  • We focus on a large number of keywords for Paid searches, whereas in SEO, we need to focus on some high return keywords.
  • Paid searches are highly measurable, whereas tracking results on organic SEO is quite tricky.

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