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Google AdWords Remarketing Agency

Do you want to be present everywhere your targeted audience goes? Then remarketing is the best way to do that. Whether it is Google display network or social media, we get you visibility on all the platforms.

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Why Remarketing / Retargeting Ads?

Did you know that a remarketing/retargeting visitor is 70% more likely to buy than a regular visitor? Resuming contact with visitors to your website is therefore very important. There is a simple solution for this: remarketing (or retargeting strategy) offered by Google advertising services.

Our remarketing agency helps you get visitors back to your website. With this qualified and potentially already interested in traffic, you will increase your chances of generating new conversions and new income. For example, you can do remarketing via Facebook or any other social media channel also.

Increase Brand Awareness

Studies show that it takes 7 impressions of your brand on the targeted audience to make the final purchase. Retargeting ads help you reduce this time.

Generate More Leads & Sales

This is the most important benefit of retargeting ads. As you are more visible to your users the more chances of them to convert them into customers.

Increase Brand Recall 

Getting ranked on Google and getting high organic traffic doesn’t build a brand, retargeting ads do. It helps easy brand recall when your targeted audience needs your services. 

“KK, did an excellent job handling my SEO Campaign. Hemant and his team made sure I was updated throughout the process and gave me insight to help make my web page more user friendly for my customers. I would highly recommend Konvert Klicks if you are looking to build your brand online.”
Manish Jha

Director, SQUAD Infotech Pvt Ltd.

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With years of experience, we understand different businesses and help them build customized remarketing strategies.

How Do Our Remarketing Services Works?

With Remarketing you bring back interested customers to your website and get the highest return on ad spend.

We, at Konvert Klicks, use retargeted ads to get visitors to your website, grow your remarketing list and push them to the bottom of the sales funnel.


Segmenting the existing user base is important so that we can create a personalized experience for the targeted audience. 

Custom Creative Strategy

Creatives should match the look and feel of your website. We customized the creatives as per the campaigns.

Tag & Tracking 

Measuring and optimizing are the two things that reduce your ad spend. We add remarketing tag to measure everything. 

Split Testing 

A/B testing is necessary to get what’s working and what’s not. We create ads with small changes in modules to test.


We set up different campaigns to upsell your current customers. Existing customers know you better and more likely to do repeat purchases.


Be present when interested customers are most active on the internet. We schedule the ads when your customers are most likely to see your ads.


We make your brand visible on all the major platforms. We use different ad formats & sizes to reach maximum interested visitors. 


All the things said and done boils down to the growth of your brand. We do monthly reporting to show the performance of our strategies & implementations.

Why You Invest in Retargeting Ads?


Increase Overall Brand Awareness


Increase your website traffic


Maximize Your Website Conversions


Reduce Overall Cost per Conversion

Our Digital Marketing Process

Digital marketing is a comprehensive concept with several elements working in synchronization. Konvert Klicks offers an array of specialized and tailor-made services to meet all your digital marketing requirements for your business.

Audit & Analysis
Strategy Development
Asset Creation
Monitoring & Refining

What Makes us Trusted Remarketing Agency?


Dedicated Ad Account Manager


Result Oriented Work


Experienced Remarketing Ads Experts


We Listen our Customers


100% Transparency

Satisfied Clients


Avg. Conversion

How does Remarketing Ads works? 

What is remarketing? Definition

Remarketing involves posting an advertisement (text or image) on other websites after your visitor has left your site. The objective is simple: bring your prospect back to convert him into a customer.

Why Remarket?

Remarketing allows you to target a particular segment of users. This will enable you to target Internet users who have shown an interest and who already know your brand or your services.

These (future) customers are already familiar with your product or service offer. So you can afford to invest a little more money for these customers, as the probability that they will convert will be higher.

With retargeting campaigns, you can expect a higher click-through rate but, above all, a higher conversion rate and, thus, ultimately more orders.

All these reasons lead us to assert that retargeting is one of the campaigns with the best investment return. With our AdWords remarketing agency, you can expect the best of the lot.

How does it work?

It’s effortless: a visitor visits your site and leaves it after consulting a few pages. A code or pixel will place a cookie on this visitor. When they visit other sites, the system recognizes the user, and an advertisement about your website is displayed.

For this to work, it is necessary to have a system of information gatherings such as Google Analytics or Facebook to install a pixel. In the case of display remarketing google ads, this is very important.

Its operation is simple. The google ad manager retargeting allows you to create lists of Internet users who have visited your website via a code inserted on your page.

When a user visits a page with this code, an anonymous cookie is placed on their computer, and the identifier of this cookie is added to the corresponding list. The advertisements are then displayed on the identifiers of this list.

For example, a merchant could draw up a list of Internet users who have abandoned their shopping cart and then display a much targeted remarketing advertisement encouraging them to finalize their order later with the google display network remarketing.

A third-party advertising solution is also required. We will see in this article 2 examples in more detail. There are, of course, a multitude of other applications on third-party solutions such as, for example, LinkedIn.

The Benefits of Remarketing

More than ever, stimulus marketing (or google ads retargeting) responds to the first key to the success of a sale: being in the right place at the right time!

Remarketing is an advanced advertising technique that strengthens the link with current customers as well as the various visitors to your website. You will have to trust the remarketing strategies AdWords for that.

Stay ahead of the competition.

By posting your advertisements on quality websites, you strengthen the reputation of your business. And you increase your chances of being seen when making consumer decisions.

Build customer loyalty

Stay in the minds of your website visitors and improve the performance of your Google Ads advertising campaigns.

Remarketing on Google Ads

The Google AdWords remarketing offers its own remarketing system on search networks, on Display, Gmail, or YouTube. On the Google search network, RLSA campaigns are used, i.e., remarketing lists for ads in the search network.

In this case, it’s a matter of serving relevant advertisements to users who have left your site. Different lists can be created, such as people who have visited your site before, abandoned their shopping cart, or visited a specific type of page.

So, for these particular users, you can increase your bids, offer them a more personalized message, or even broaden your keywords. Make use of the same with the retargeting marketing campaign also.

On the Display network, this will mean showing personalized visual ads to people who have already visited your site on external sites. Ditto for YouTube except that they are videos and on Gmail of advertisements in the inbox. We can offer you the best retargeting platforms in this case.

To carry out retargeting campaigns, you have two solutions:

  • Either insert the remarketing tags that you have created on Google Ads.
  • Or use Google Analytics tags while making sure to have linked your accounts and activate the remarketing and advertising features.
  • Be careful, however, on Google Ads: your audiences must be of a specific size to be used. For the search network, these are 1000 unique cookies and for the Display network at least 100 cookies.

No problem, we are happy to help you set up your retargeting campaigns. Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will offer you solutions adapted to your objectives. Take advantage of personalized support in the management of your advertising campaigns, such as Facebook remarketing!

The term google Google uses a remarketing campaign, but it amounts to Retargeting in reality. It is merely the English term meaning advertising marketing. This consists of displaying advertising messages in the form of banners on websites after a user has visited another site. The GDN remarketing campaigns offer multiple options there. So you need to know the best in google remarketing vs. Facebook retargeting.

At Google, remarketing is used to show ads to people who have visited a site or used a mobile application. For example, a person consults articles on your website but does not make a purchase; Remarketing will allow you to get back in touch with him by presenting him relevant ads of articles viewed when he browses the web, uses applications or search on Google.


The questions that our remarketing agency solves

In collaboration with our remarketing agency, our clients have obtained the answers to the following questions:

  • How can I make my business visible to qualified prospects?
  • How to increase the engagement rate on my online advertising?
  • How do I get a visitor back after they leave my website?
  • How to set up profitable remarketing campaigns?
  • How can I get a precise follow-up of the impact of my remarketing?

Nothing is lost on the internet. Each visit to your website is a sales opportunity for your business. Our remarketing agency allows you to promote your offer to a qualified target that has already shown an interest in your business.

A user interested in your offers may be interrupted, not yet sufficiently convinced, or simply wishes to take more time before buying. Targeting this type of Internet user, our remarketing agency offers you a second chance of conversion for each of the inconclusive visits to your website.

Also, the information collected during each visit to your website allows you to personalize each remarketing ad. It is indeed possible to know which pages your target has visited before leaving your site. Based on this data, our remarketing agency can, therefore, offer the advertisement at the highest possible conversion rate for your business.

Finally, be aware that the return on remarketing investment is easily calculated and offers very encouraging results. Indeed, bringing a visitor back is much less costly than acquiring a new one. By supporting your AdWords campaigns with remarketing, you will have an effective retargeting segmentation strategy for all types of visitors, old and new.

How our remarketing agency brings back your qualified prospects

To properly use remarketing, our remarketing agency predisposes your website to collect data from your visitors. Remarketing works in two simple google ads remarketing strategy:

Installation of cookies

A user is identified on your website by a unique computer fingerprint, called a cookie. This element is installed on the visitor’s browser to obtain a follow-up of his future visits during a given period.


Other websites will have the possibility of detecting this cookie when your visitor comes to visit them; then, an advertising banner highlighting your message will be displayed. By clicking on the link/image, the user can return to your site. Our Google remarketing services will take care of that.

Like all Google AdWords advertising, you will only pay when the user clicks on your banner and visits your website. However, your banner ad is displayed even if the visitor does not click, allowing you to work on your branding “for free.”

Our remarketing agency supports your business in the following stages:

  • Creating audiences to whom to send your advertising banners
  • Designing banners consistent with your brand image
  • Configuration and optimization of retargeting services
  • Preparation and submission of monthly reports
  • Entrust your retargeting campaigns to our remarketing agency

To reach a qualified audience with high potential, entrust your retargeting campaigns to our remarketing agency in Montreal. By collaborating with our agency, you will have a partner who:

We will listen to your specific needs to define with you the Bing Ads campaigns that will meet your objectives within your budget.

Set up your remarketing campaigns using reliable data collected by experts certified by Google AdWords. There you will need to know what are google remarketing ads, and our specialists can help you with that.

Base its collaboration on trust and transparency. You will have access to the progress of your remarketing campaigns in real-time thanks to a standard management tool. You will remain the final decision maker in all circumstances.

Provide you with clear and detailed analysis reports on the performance of your retargeting campaigns.

It Will not make you sign any contract. You are free to end your collaboration with our company whenever you wish.

Want to know what is remarketing ads? Seize the opportunity that qualified remarketing prospects represent for your turnover, contact our remarketing agency today!

The remarketing tracks user navigation and offers him advertising messages related to the activity he had on a site. Therefore, it is a question of retargeting users who have demonstrated an interest in an offer or a product. Has the visitor abandoned their shopping cart? The retargeting ads help remind him of this on other platforms. In common parlance, these techniques are also called retargeting or retargeting advertising. Here comes a difference in results with remarketing vs. retargeting.

Case Study

SQUAD Infotech

SQUAD Infotech Pvt. Ltd. one of the software testing training leaders in Navi Mumbai & Thane, desired an online display of their strategy to increase site sales, while utilizing their current customer base.





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